Plasser 08-16 SH

Split-head technology

Versatile tamping machine for tracks and turnouts

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The Plasser 08-16 SH represents the standard for compact tamping machines in split-head design. It contains the tamping and measuring technology of high performance tamping machines.

For this machine design we packed our top technology into a compact machine frame. The 3-axle basic structure with work units and measuring systems offers sufficient scope for individual equipment chosen from our modular system.

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Work units for maintenance of tracks and turnouts.

We have equipped the machine with four 1-sleeper tamping units carrying a total of 16 tamping tines. The work units can be tilted laterally in pairs and in addition to this they can be lowered independently of each other. These special features also enable maintenance to be performed in turnouts.

The lifting and lining unit is adapted to this method of work. The basic equipment includes lifting hooks for safe lifting in turnouts. The ideal additions are roller lifting clamps for lifting the track. Once placed in working position, they do not have to be lifted as the machine moves forward because the control system automatically switches off the pressure. This enables higher outputs to be achieved, also in a large area of a turnout.

Measuring like the big systems.

We make no compromises when it comes to recording technology. The Plasser 08-16 SH is fitted with the same components as our high performance tamping machines. This includes, for example, the sturdy and service-friendly design, the large measuring wheels and the use of steel cables as a reference base. The WIN-ALC automatic guiding computer is available to control the machine during operation.