Junior 08-16/4

Specialist for small networks

Versatile tamping machine for tracks and turnouts in the urban sector

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On small networks for suburban traffic in urban areas, versatile machines for the operation on tracks and turnouts are in demand. Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC), operating a viaduct line with tight clearance gauge and curves was looking for a compact, light and, above all, reliable machine.

The Junior 08-16/4 is a top-standard tamping machine ensuring optimum output and quality also on small networks. On this machine, Plasser & Theurer top technology has been packed into a compact frame. Designed for 1,435mm track gauge, the four-axle machine has two bogies. It has low axle loads of just under 10t and is suited for smallest radii of 27m.

All this makes the Junior 08-16/4 a reliable and versatile track maintenance machine. Equipped with proven tamping units, the machine is at LRMC's disposal for regular maintenance works on the elevated railway line and for fast disruption repair.

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For highly flexible track tamping

The Junior 08-16/4 is fitted with the same components used on our high-performance tamping machines. This includes the sturdy and service-friendly design, the large measuring wheels and the use of steel cables as a reference base. The WIN-ALC automatic guiding computer with flat screen and CMS and CWS systems control the machine during operation. The enclosed, air-conditioned drive and work cabin with lateral sliding doors is sound and heat insulated. For travelling in both directions, the driver's control desk is positioned crosswise to the track. 

The machine has been equipped with Split Head tamping units carrying a total of 16 tamping tines. The new rotation speed modulation of the tamping units significantly reduces the resistance when penetrating the ballast bed. The four work unit halves can be displaced laterally in pairs and lowered independently. This enables highly flexible track tamping also in the area of the guard rail and in turnouts.