End-to-end applications


End-to-end applications for a high-performance rail network

Highly available tracks, capacity increases, traffic safety, cost efficiency, sustainability: the ever-growing demands placed on the railway necessitate innovative approaches to maintenance. Digitalization is key to that happening.

Data-based maintenance enables efficient use of resources thanks to accurate measures. Networked machines save on time and staff thanks to a high degree of automation with AI support. Plus, seamless data flow guarantees maximum process reliability and transparency.

Together with our partners, we provide end-to-end solutions for the work process which are tailored to individual needs and also satisfy the highest quality demands. Proven systems combined with new technologies pave the way for the future of track construction and maintenance.

End-to-end solutions for track maintenance

Florian Auer, Director of Technology and Innovation, and his team demonstrated at the 28th iaf what the tamping process of the future looks like.

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