Plasser TampingAssistant

The Plasser TampingAssistant supports operators in tamping complex turnouts which contributes considerably to consistent tamping results. The system supports less experienced operators in tamping turnouts in every area: the result is technologically correct, consistent tamping in compliance with standards and guidelines. Operations on plain-line track sections are also possible.

The system is based on artificial intelligence and assists operators by automatically selecting, positioning, and configuring the work units for tamping. The machine stops automatically above the sleeper and positions tamping unit, roller lifting clamps, lifting hooks, and additional lifting unit for turnouts. The configurations for each position are calculated based on the tamping plan and the identified objects. The operator may adjust suggested parameters before manually confirming them. 

Added value

Plasser TampingAssistant

  • Quality
    • Technologically correct maintenance 
    • Process reliability through partial automation
    • Consistency even when there are different operators 
    • Continuous increase in quality and reliability through machine learning
  • Efficiency
    • Addresses the shortage of skilled staff
    • Possible to hire less experienced operating staff
    • Lower staff and training costs
    • Shorter track possessions thanks to real-time system 
    • Reduced maintenance costs 
  • Transparency
    • Logging of system recommendations and operator actions
    • Providing transparent documentation of the work results 
    • Traceability and proof of the work performed as a basis for future invitations to tender
  • Safety
    • Reduced workload and potential for errors 
    • Every action is checked before it is executed
    • High level of operating safety and transparency 

Mode of operation

Plasser TampingAssistant

  1. Scans and records the track sections to be tamped
  2. Detects and classifies obstacles and turnout parts
  3. Positions tamping unit, roller lifting clamps, lifting hook, and additional lifting unit for turnouts automatically
  4. Calculates configurations for each position automatically, taking into account the tamping plan as well as identified objects
  5. Aligns the work units automatically
  6. The operator confirms or adjusts the actions recommended to them
  7. Executes actions automatically after confirmation by the operator
  8. Records recommendations and actions
  9. Compiles the work documentation


Plasser TampingAssistant

Plasser TampingControl

Plasser TampingReport