Digital twin


The digital twin as the basis of modern asset management

Optimized life cycle management, continuous condition monitoring, data-enabled maintenance, immediate assessment of natural phenomena – our solutions and services provide an overview of the condition of permanent way assets any time and anywhere.

Whether it’s creating a highly precise digital twin, regular inspection runs and survey flights, or automated data analysis: together with our partners, we combine various data sources as the foundation for the digitalization of infrastructure.

This entails placing all of the asset data in relation to each other and systematically deriving measures from it. That way we reduce costs, speed up planning processes, and save valuable resources.

Case study: Digital twin for Offenburg reflects the future of infrastructure planning

Digital twins elevate the planning of railway lines to a completely new level. The associated benefits, which are significant, are demonstrated by the Offenburg project.

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Plasser & Theurer needs testing under conditions close to reality in order to develop and test technology components for the machines of tomorrow. Used as a carrier vehicle, Plasser & Theurer’s EM100VT provides the ideal research environment for innovative leaps in technology with a great application potential.

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For modern, efficient planning and cost-effective implementation of maintenance measures, it is essential to have exact and complete recording of the condition of the track, track bed, substructure, and environmental parameters. This is exactly where the 120VT, Plasser & Theurer’s universal track inspection vehicle comes in: it is designed to acquire comprehensive data for large-scale construction measures.

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