Our Philosophy

Shaping the innovative future of Indian Railways.

The railway functions are at its best when all its subsystems are working together perfectly. Right from people employed in railways and the transport authorities, the consultancy agencies, and the construction firms to the people working with the machine manufacturers and research institutes, everyone ought to be an expert at what they do.

Plasser India is fully committed to being a part of this system. We know that only those who understand its requirements can produce optimum solutions and make their contribution towards its future.


Making the Railways cost-effective.

Mechanised track laying and maintenance are among the most advanced work processes in the modern economy. Efficiency and high-quality play a big role in contributing towards the cost-effectiveness of the entire system. This provides a decisive advantage for Railways and transport authorities.

That is exactly where our greatest motivation lies. From developing new machines, using modern production technology to expanding our service network in India, we do it all with an aim of cost-effectiveness for the Railway.

With the help of experts from the Indian Railways and railway contracting services, we try to make the process even more cost-efficient for our clients.


We find new ways through research and development.

Plasser India can boast a long list of innovations that have had a lasting influence on the development of track laying and maintenance.

However, we don’t solely aim at protecting our leading position in the market. Our prime goal is to find new ways of helping our customers who can benefit from our efforts. Higher working speeds, better quality of work, lower staff costs, more efficient logistics, greater eco-compatibility and in sum higher level of cost-effectiveness in the long term is what Plasser India’s technical innovations are all about.


Finest quality to the smallest detail.

The name Plasser India stands for high-quality precision and reliability. This is not only evident in the short term, while the machines are working reliably after having just gone into operation, but also in the long term when they are still operating efficiently on the track for years.

The credit for these high-quality machines goes to the members of staff employed in various sectors of the organization with high technical competence. Furthermore, it also demands close co-operation and a continual exchange of information with the customers.

Ultimately, it is the security of your investment which is at stake and we make sure you make the most of it.

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