Corporate Social Responsibility

Doing Business with Goodness

Plasser India continues to integrate corporate social responsibility in its organizational strategy We try to take active interest in wider social issues and give back to communities through philanthropic and charitable activities.

Our CSR efforts have helped foster a more productive and positive work environment amongst our employees and also a spirit of volunteering in them.

Over the years, Plasser India has undertaken several initiatives and efforts to contribute positively to the society.
Some of the impactful activities the company has been engaged in are education,  healthcare, skill development, livelihood enhancement, women empowerment, community development and disaster relief.

Plasser India is very proud to be associated with many such humanitarian organisations like Tender Hearts, Aishwarya Trust, National Association for the blind, SOS Children’s Village, Akshay Patra, Sunshine Project, IIMpact, Sevadharm Patient Care and many others.

Plasser India has launched the "Future Tracks Mentorship Program" with the noble objective of offering training and mentorship opportunities to the underprivileged segments of society, thereby empowering them with the necessary skills and guidance for a brighter future.