PA 1-20 ES

Cyclic method for precise placement of sleepers

Easy and compact single-sleeper laying

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Cyclic action single sleeper exchanger with rail lifting unit. The Cyclic method for accurate placement of sleepers.

The PA 1-20 ES gantry unit is especially suited for laying short sections of tracks. It is equipped with a single sleeper laying unit and offers a combination of cyclic and assembly-line operation.

The gantry unit can pick up 20 sleepers from the transport wagon and travels on the predeposited new rails, serving as auxiliary rails, to the place of work. There, it places the sleepers continuously on the ballast formation. This technique offers major advantages: the sleeper spacing can be adjusted steplessly thanks to electronic distance measurement, sleepers are placed exact to the millimetre, sleepers can be placed radially in curves, short set-up times and less personnel required.

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