APT 1500 RL

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Welding robot with certified quality: in road-rail design

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The on-track version of our welding robot has been in operation for some time. Now this technology of automatic flash-butt welding is available in lorry design as the APT 1500 RL.

We have succeeded in integrating our top technology for rail welding into a lorry vehicle, without exceeding the weight limit of 32 tonnes for transport by road.

The welding robot with certified quality.

The European welding standard EN 14587-2 for mobile flash-butt welding stipulates that all welds must be carried out according to programmed and automatic sequences. The parameters laid down for the respective type of rail must not be altered after the approval.

Therefore every rail weld using the APT 1500 R is a certified process. That demands absolute uniformity in the welding quality for all the welds performed. The APT 1500 R has demonstrated this quality consistency in practical operation.

Automatic flash-butt welding.

The welding robot produces rail welds in consistent high quality in continuous sequence. Automatic alignment of the rail ends saves a lot of time in practical operation. The fact that an additional pulling device is no longer needed for closure welds also has a positive effect on the working speed and the quality of the weld.

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