Servicing saves costs

Higher availability, lower life cycle costs, and lower fixed costs increase the economic efficiency of any fleet. Our servicing offers you the opportunity to fully utilise this potential. Select your optimum service from four clearly defined packages. You can be certain that your individual requirements will of course always be our top priority.

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Our service packages

  • Inspection
  • Technical Assistance
  • Basic Maintenance
  • All-Inclusive Maintenance

Your benefit

  • Increased reliability, safety, performance, and service life
  • Increased resale value of your machine
  • Safety through prevention
  • Predictable costs and servicing activities
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Full documentation of each servicing activity


Routine inspections by qualified service technicians

Our Inspection contracts are the easiest option to minimise the risk of failure and increase availability. Our service technicians inspect your machines at regular intervals, either directly at the work site or in the workshop. The documentation process follows the standardised VEDO principle. You will receive an audit report and, if necessary, a list of spare parts needed. This will provide all the information for your preventive maintenance.

Our services

  • Regular inspections of your machine
  • Carried out by our service technicians
  • Documentation in line with the VEDO principle
  • Audit report
  • Recommendation on spare parts is also possible

Your benefit

  • Increased availability
  • Valid data for preventive maintenance
  • Minimises risk of failure

Technical Assistance

The reliability of qualified technical support

Starting off with a new machine is significant. Therefore, our technical support starts right in the initial phase of operation, where we commission your machine and provide staff training on-site. After that, you can of course continue to rely on our technical service, either via remote diagnostics or directly on your worksite. In addition to that, we remain your direct contact for inspections and individual servicing.

Our services

  • Troubleshooting
  • Repairs
  • Calibrating of machine systems
  • Technical support provided by our service technicians

Your benefit

  • Reliability of qualified support
  • Fast turnaround of smaller repairs
  • Short response times
  • Increased availability

Basic Maintenance

Servicing in safe hands

Our Basic Maintenance contract ensures greater machine availability, routine calibration of measuring systems, and personal expert advice for your machine operators. It includes the semi-annual and annual servicing work defined in the servicing manual. This means we check the work systems and carry out the calibration of measuring systems at regular intervals. Also included are inspections based on the VEDO principle and the corresponding audit reports with a list of the spare parts needed.

Our services

  • Servicing as per servicing manual
  • Changing filters, oil and, lubricants
  • Calibration of machine systems including certificates
  • Checking all safety-relevant systems
  • Machine audits and VEDO reports
  • Carried out by our service technicians

Your benefit

  • Carried out by our service technicians
  • Full machine performance
  • Personal advice for your machine operators
  • Accurate information for preventive maintenance

All-inclusive Maintenance

All-inclusive servicing at a fixed price

Complete focus on your core competencies and a fixed-price budget for the maintenance of your machines: Our all-inclusive maintenance package makes it possible. We provide both scheduled and unscheduled servicing and even repairs. Spare and wear parts are included as are the replacement of all filters, oils and lubricants as specified in the servicing manual.

Our services

  • All scheduled and unscheduled servicing included
  • Repairs, revisions, and checking of safety-relevant systems
  • Refurbishment of main work units
  • Exchanging of damaged or worn parts
  • Troubleshooting and calibrating work systems

Your benefit

  • Complete servicing at a fixed price
  • Duration can be chosen individually
  • Safe availability and full machine performance
  • Longer service life
  • Personal advice for your machine operators
  • Increased resale value of your machines