Component refurbishments and repairs

Extends the service life of all components

When the time has come for a machine to be repaired or refurbished, any defective components will often be replaced with new ones. This may sometimes be associated with great expense and effort and have little benefit from an economic point of view. Here, our refurbishment and repair services offer an attractive alternative. We will repair and refurbish all components and assemblies of your machine.

We repair and refurbish

  • All machine components
    Mechanical, hydraulic, electric
  • Work components
    All work units
  • Drive components
    Engine, gearboxes, cardan shafts
  • Brake components
    Valves, brake cylinders, control system
  • Electronic components
    Printed circuit boards, pendulums, transducers

Your benefit

  • Cost benefits compared to new purchase
  • Use of OEM parts
  • Warranty and test certificates
  • Fixed prices