Safety at the top

Increased productivity due to simultaneous work at different heights

The MTW 100.216 motor tower car is the ideal work vehicle for safe and efficient work at the overhead line system.  

The heavy-duty, 4-axle motor tower car in standard railway vehicle design is used for the installation of catenary, for maintenance and inspection and for the transport of personnel and material. Together with the knowhow and long experience gained in practical operation by Europten, these vehicle models were further developed and perfected down to the last detail.

The fully hydraulic elevating work platform consists of three independent work platforms which enable simultaneous work in different areas and at different heights – laterally up to 4.5 m in each case and up to a height of approx. 9 m. Fitted with folding railings, the roof is strong enough to stand on and can carry material on the reinforced pallet storage area. The crane can bring material and components directly to the working area.

A safe passageway between the two cabins is provided by hydraulic fold-up walkways on both sides adjacent to the work platform. This means that it is not necessary to climb down from the machine during work. This makes an important contribution towards safety and productivity.

Major features of the MTW 100.216

  • Two low-emission drive engines.
  • Hydrostatic drive on 2 axles either via engine I or engine II
  • Emergency hydraulics at engine I
  • Large cabins with two driver’s desks and a workshop
  • Three-part lifting platform
  • Loading crane with work basket
  • Earthed pantograph
  • Static contact wire height measuring unit
  • Two separate carrying cable and contact wire holding devices
  • Generator for power tools
  • High starting tractive power
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