The digital measuring-data pioneer


The EM100VT demonstrates everything that's possible with measuring railway lines nowadays.

With the EM100VT, the future of capturing infrastructure data on railway track is already reality. Presented for the first time in 2018, the carrier vehicle for new technology features a wide variety of measuring technology and digital options which are sure to impress. On the one hand, the EM100VT is a research platform for technological innovations. On the other hand, it is used in practice for measuring track. The equipment digitally captures the vehicle’s position and many relevant track data in a highly exact manner at speeds up to 100 km/h.


  • Carrier platform for developing and testing new measuring systems
  • Records the relative track geometry using the inertial measuring method
  • Measures fixed points using stereo cameras
  • Highly precise GPS tracking system with 4 aerials
  • Compensates for vehicle body movement using light-section sensors


EM100VT: digital twin meets absolute track geometry

Complete turnout inspection in four minutes: the system records all the necessary parameters during a short pass over the main rail and the diverging one.

Plasser ReferencedTrackGeometry: the proven IMU-based track geometry measuring system calculates the track geometry between fixed points.

Plasser InfraScan detects dangers early on and serves as a database for re-opening sections of track following renewal work on the superstructure or overhead contact line.

EM100VT: vehicle for developing and testing new measuring systems

Plasser ReferencedTrackGeometry: measuring speeds of up to 100 km/h

Plasser ReferencedTrackGeometry: the system functions with ultra-reflective reference markers that have been placed on the fixed points of the line.

Faster, safer measuring

Until now, conventional plain-line track measuring either took weeks or multiple track possessions. With the innovative track inspection vehicle, the track can be measured in a single pass. All of the data relevant for maintenance planning or evaluating the condition of the line is calculated quickly, exactly, and in a traceable and transparent way during a single shift – without interrupting traffic, without entering the track, without endangering staff on-site. The new digital way to completely capture infrastructure data with the EM100VT test vehicle creates many opportunities.

Digital twin and direct data transfer

The “VT” in the machine name stands for “virtual track”: the digital data can be combined in the computer to depict a virtual track. The result is the real infrastructure’s “digital twin”. Analyses provide all the desired data to pinpoint what the infrastructure looks like and which maintenance measure is required where on the track, superstructure, or other components. However, the EM100VT can provide data on the absolute track geometry directly to machines via the cloud and machine-to-machine communication as well. This makes its use even more efficient.