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Unimat 08-275
With inivdually tiltable double tines.
The demands

All-around application on plain track, switches and crossings without reduction of work speed or quality of work, i.e. all tamping lines in action – no time-consuming adjustments.

The answer - The Unimat

The Unimat 08-275 carries 16 individual tilt able tamping tines. In basic position the tamping tines have the same constellation as on plain line tamping machines. The Unimat 08-275 is thus well suited for all around, high quality application on switches, crossings, station tracks and the plain track.

The Unimat tamping unit combines the advantages of tiltable tamping tines for work on switches and crossing with the positioning of the tines in pairs for tamping plain track.

The results
  • Greater durability of tamping due to more tines in action.
  • Substantial timesavings when tamping switches and crossings
  • Work speeds as high as a normal leveling, tamping and lining machine on plain track.
The special features
  • Tilt able double tines and amplitude stabilization.
  • Universal lifting and lining unit with hooks and rollers.
  • Combined leveling and lining sighting device with optical viewfinder and remote control.
  • Study frame with standard railway vehicle features.
  • Soundproofed operating and monitoring cabin, enhanced safety due to exists via platform and connecting corridor.
  • Automatic Geometry Value Adjustments GVA
  • Laser lining technology.
  • Soundproofed driver’s cabin.
  • Excellent view of work area
  • Integrated material wagons
  • Supplementary drives
  • Sleeper end consolidators
Technical Data
Length over buffers (with material wagon) 23 740 mm
Height above railt top 3 300 mm
Width 2 960 mm
Bogie pivot spacing 11 500 mm
Bogie pivot - rear axle 5 800 mm
Bogie wheelbase 1 500 mm
Weight 53 t
Front axle load 11 t each
Center axle load 10.5 t each
Rear axle load 6 t
Maximum speed under own power/hauled 90/100 km/h
Unimat 08-275